Don't Freak Out, Galaxy Quest Fans, But You're Going to Need These Posters

There are many problems associated with being a Galaxy Quest fan. People mishearing your “Grabthar” jokes. Lots of delays and misinformation about sequels or remakes. And a lack of cool, official merchandise. Well, cross that last one off the list thanks to the folks at Mondo.

They’ve enlisted artist Andrew Kolb to do not one, but two official Galaxy Quest posters that imagine if those characters were available as toys. They’re just too freaking cool.


Both of these posters, Version 1 and 2 respectively, are 18 x 24 inch screenprints in editions of 150. They’ll go on sale Thursday at a random time. Follow @MondoNews for the heads up.

“When the guys approached me with Galaxy Quest, I knew my only option was to figure out a way to respect both the film and the properties that inspired it,” Kolb said in a press release. “I had this huge list of character beats that I wanted to highlight and then it all came together: just like other franchises, this was perfect for an action figure line.”


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