Don't Expect To See Pushing Daisies' Finale On Television

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Who was to blame for the death of Pushing Daisies, and will we ever see the last three episodes? ABC's president addressed both questions recently... and his answers weren't what we expected to hear.

Steve McPherson, ABC's Entertainment President, tackled the fate of Pushing Daisies (as well as another recently-disappeared ABC series, Dirty Sexy Money) during his appearance at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour this week, and his take on why the show was cancelled was that the way ratings are recorded is flawed:

[Audiences are] watching on their iPods, on their phones ... and to me we have to get as much of that viewership measured as possible because you want to make sure that we all know what we're reaching so that we can reach them better and understand what they're really compelled by and attracted to and what they are not... I really loved the shows. The producers delivered what they promised. For us it was a frustration that we couldn’t get a larger audience – or that Nielsen says we couldn’t get a larger audience.


As for the "missing" final episodes of Bryan Fuller's reincarnation whimsy, McPherson told the critics that ABC would like to make the episodes "available," before later clarifying that the network plans to make the episodes available online, as opposed to broadcasting them. Of course, you could simply just wait for the DVD.

McPherson plans robust fall, criticizes Nielsen [THR Live Feed]

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I think Pushing Daisies has potential. It could be the first TV to online professional series. I think several fans of other belated Scifi shows could be the first Pay channel online. Jerico, Pushing Daies, Dresden Files and one or two original shows could be sold in a monthly package costing viewers 25 bucks a month. I think Scifi viewers are computer connected enough to make this happen.

not sure how many subscriptions you would have to sell to make the package cost effective but with the edition

of limited commericals and product placement it might.

well i can dream cant I