Don't eat dinner while watching this alien abduction scene

Seriously, this alien-probe-tastic scene from Night Skies does not go with food. Partly because the poor humans are imprisoned with what looks like Ramen noodles and string cheese. And partly because of the whole revolting aliens-stole-my-baby thing.

Really, there are two types of alien abduction movies: Ones which follow through and give you the Greys sucking people into their spaceships and covering people with disgusting goop so they can probe them. And ones which don't. With this scene (which goes on for about 10 minutes in the movie, so don't worry that we've given away all the good parts) the based-on-a-true-story Night Skies proudly claims its membership in the former club. And yes, I believe that's Sean Connery's son Jason shooting the pregnant lady in the head.


In Night Skies, mysterious lights appear over Arizona, people are menaced by classic-looking black-eyed, grey-skinned aliens, and a double-wide trailer vanishes, never to be seen again. It's mostly a great cheesy horror movie, but the "alien lair" sequence really makes it special. Oh, and the bit where the pregnant woman is running from the aliens and trips on some barbed wire? Also surprisingly terrifying.

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This is still the best abduction scene ever. Not the original soundtrack, but you gotta admit the music adds a certain frisson— it's like they've got Walken plugged into a giant colonoscalliope!