Donate Your Old Comics To Soldiers Overseas and Help a Good Cause!

It’s a giving time of year, and what better gift to give to people than awesome comic books? A new charity drive from one of the co-hosts of DC’s All Access web series is looking to give soldiers operating overseas during the holidays the gift of some delightful reading material—and you can help out.

Jason Inman has launched a charity drive with Comics for Soldiers to get people to donate 10,000 comics–which will be delivered in care packages to soldiers stationed abroad. DC Comics has already fronted 2,600 issues to the cause, and Tom King and Mitch Gerards–the creative team behind the upcoming The Sheriff of Babylon–have also contributed a couple hundred extra from their own collections.

If you’ve got any comics lying around that you’re not collecting and probably won’t read again, you can check out Jason’s video above to learn about how to donate. It’s a cool way to help out people who are far away from their families and friends over Christmas—and after all, the joy of comic books is sharing the pleasure they bring with other people!


[Via CBR]

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Jesse Mrozowski

No joke I wanted to do this years ago but had no idea how to do it. I decided a lot of my comic books aren’t worth anything so there is no point in holding on to them. Someone said to donate them to a children’s hospital but a lot of them are more adult/mature and the last thing I wanted was some parent getting upset because their kid saw a boob in a comic I donated which made me think, “Man you know who loves boobs? Soldiers.”

I have several hundred if not close to a 1000 at my parents place. Gonna see about donating them.