Donate To 2008's Election Campaigns And Find Your Reward In Erotica

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With just over a week to go until the election, small press SF publisher Circlet Press has come up with the best way to convince those io9 readers and others who haven't donated to the political campaign of their choosing yet to do that just that very thing: Bribing them with pornography.If you can provide Circlet with proof that you have donated to either the Obama or McCain campaign before October 31st, they'll reward you with one of their line of SF erotica:

[W]e know there is a lot going on out there with the failing economy, war in Iraq, and so on. So our biggest hope is that Circlet’s readers get active in the political process, whether you are for McCain/Palin, Obama/Biden, or Rosalind/Adama. And we’re encouraging you to put your money where your mouth is (no, no, not there, you kinky thing). YOU are going to make a donation to your favorite political campaign or cause. WE are going to thank you by sending you a book!


Circlet's founder, Cecilia Tan, explains the nature of the publisher's plan:

Our specialty is erotic science fiction. It's the literature of optimism and the future of change. Part of why we publish sex-positive material is because we want to create a world where there is more freedom of erotic expression and choice. Fiction is activism because it opens people's minds... I didn't feel like it was our place to tell people who to support, or whether their money would be better spent going to a cause like the No On 8 Campaign in California. I just wanted to do something to spur our readers to be active and involved. Fiction can be a kind of escapism, too—this is a wake-up call.


Details about the offer can be found on Circlet's website. We'll leave it to your imagination how the McCain campaign feels about the plan.

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Klebert L. Hall


Massive fundraising and advertising/campaigning are bad for politics, not something to be encouraged.

They should give away porn for voter registration, instead.