Donald Glover's Mom Warns Him Not to Mess Up Lando for Her

Image: Getty / Nicholas Hunt
Image: Getty / Nicholas Hunt

Last week the internet was overjoyed to hear that Donald Glover would be in the Han Solo anthology movie as the young Lando Calrissian. But in-between the celebrations, Glover’s own mother had one warning for her son and his new Star Wars role: Don’t mess it up.


Glover recently discussed his casting in the movie on Ellen, and when asked about his first reactions to being told he got the part, he mentioned telling his parents—and his mother’s warning from the back of the room:

I told my dad immediately. My mom was in the back, she was like, ‘Don’t mess it up.’ She was like, ‘Don’t mess this up!’ Cause Billy Dee is like—that’s hers.

Hell hath no fury like a mother’s love for Billy Dee, Donald. That’s a lot to live up to!


The whole interview is pretty cute—Glover mentions that a Lando action figure preceded Darth Vader as his first Star Wars toy—but I think Ms. Glover can relax. We’ve got high hopes for the young Calrissian.


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Angrier Geek

Then mom should have made him taller...

And I realized I get my height bigotry from my mom. She’s not a fan of tiny leading men.