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Don Davis, who played the cantankerous father-figure of the Stargate SG-1, Major General George Hammond, passed away on June 29. We'll always remember Davis' terrific performance as the dad-like presence who yelled when he had to and made Teal'c roll his eyes with his bad jokes.


SG-1's producer, Joe Mallozzi shared that his favorite memory of Davis' was watching him work the conventions with fans. Many fans approached the General with trepidation (because of his character) but Davis was always incredibly charming with the fans and won them over immediately. Mallozzi also added that Davis was a true friend and, "had a bigger heart than his character that he played... and will be missed not just by the fans but by everyone who worked with him."

Davis' last Stargate appearance will be in the DVD movie Stargate: Continuum. We'll miss you always setting the crew straight, Don.


Davis' representatives have asked those wishing to make a charitable donation in Davis' name to donate to the American Heart Association.

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