After two very fast episodes, Dominion slows down to do a little character work, and talk about pudding. Angels like pudding. It's official: I really like this weird angel show. Spoilers ahead...

Okay, so after the big reveal that angels look like humans now — and then the additional reveal that angels are in Vega — the council is (understandably) freaking the fuck out.

King Lion is all up in Michael's face, hissing and accusing him of being an angel loyalist. But that's just crazy talk, because the smart scientist Senator Thorne (who hasn't had much to do since her orgy with Michael) points out that Michael is actually General Riesen's asset, and the Whele house just wants everything Riesen has. *shrugs*


Meanwhile, in a remote diner in the middle of the desert that apparently doesn't fear being totally unprotected from angels, the little Whele brat meets with Gabriel. And we find out that Gabriel just loves the hell out of pudding.

It's adorable and totally cartoony, from the writing to the acting — and that's okay. I need this. If you're going to make me pretend that Vegas basically exists like a medieval province, then you're going to have to give me some mugging angels busting heads and eating pudding.

Back in Vega, Michael heads to what I'm assuming was once the lobby/gambling floor of Caesar's Palace, and which is now every single market you've ever seen from every post-apocalyptic film of movie... and meets ANOTHER ANGEL! Quelle surprise! There, the two totally act normal and no one will ever question their very normal shopping exchange that was normal. Also Michael basically reveals that he's known that there are angels pretending to be humans in Vega all along. He even knew "Felecia" who attacked Alex last week. LIAR!

That was probably the biggest reveal, other than Alex's mom so clearly not being dead. There are good angels that live in Vega, under Michael's protection. And there's absolutely no way that's not going to blow up in his beautiful, emotionless face. When this fact is whipped out into the open, you can bet Team Lion is going to flay that beautiful, stoic creature on the main stage of the next jubilee.


And even though I'm game for the weird new rituals, pretending not to know that Ralph Lauren was — or the fact that ten years after an alien war two people decided to reinstate the feudal system by adapting the logos of very popular hotels — I'm a bit lost on the acolytes. This is where Dominion is almost too wacky, even for me. These people meet in private, but still manage to drum up all those candles, a banner, costumes and a wicked initiation procedure. Baloney! There's no way these guys wouldn't get caught. Especially palling around with the Prince of MGM Hotel.

But none of that matters right now, because the rest of the episode is mainly about Alex and his rash decision to get the F out of Vega. You see, Alex is not handling his new status as "the chosen one" very well. So instead of sticking around and getting everyone he loves killed, he heads out into the abyss.


This pisses off Michael immensely, and the angel flies out to stop him, eventually catching up and requesting that he make "one stop" before he goes. That stop, no surprise, is Alex's childhood home. There Michael waxes on and CRIES about the death of Alex's mother. And how she died in the tub holding Alex, protecting him from some 8-Ball attack. After Alex's dad took his mother off to bury her alone, Michael imprinted on Alex or something, and vowed to protect him forever. Also, Michael is the chosen one that will end the angel war... so.

The only thing I got from this was that Alex's mother is so clearly not dead.

Moving on, that angel with the red contacts shows up and stabs Michael and now they have to go BACK to Vega — womp womp.


In other parts of Vega the woman that poisoned all of her servant ladies is apparently still pretty pivotal to the plot. She's set free, but her wife sends a box with her dead sister in it, so uh oh! Whele gives her sanctuary in Vega, in exchange for her promise that when she takes over the town she's from, they give Vega their air force. Annnnnd the Prince of MGM and the Princess of Caesar's Palace are getting married so that General Riesen will stop throwing people in jail.

And that's that. I liked the slower pace of this episode, which gave us a chance to get to know everyone. I'm still hooked on this, and very interested in what's going to happen next. I'm just glad Syfy gave this weird show a chance.


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