Dominic Monaghan On Charlie's Return To Lost: Will It Ever Happen?

Will Lost's sexiest recovering junkie ever reappear on the island? We cornered Dominic Monaghan on camera, and asked him if Charlie would ever be back.

Says Monaghan:

I keep saying this... When people ask me on the street if I'm coming back to Lost, I say, "That's the equivalent of asking Huckleberry Finn if he's gonna be in the next Mark Twain novel.


I'm a fictional character — I have no control over that. If it was up to me, maybe I would make a decision, but it's not.

Is Charlie ever coming back? How do you deal with the rumors and not knowing if he will ever be back?

It's definitely difficult. There was a lot of hearsay and rumor. What ABC did, which was very sad, was that they just did not confirm it. So people would call them and they would say, 'We're not going to confirm it.' Which never truly allows people to believe it's going to happen unless the studio confirms [or denies] it. So obviously now if you were to call ABC they would say, "oh yeah, what time is it, oh yeah yeah yeah." But before that time they didn't tell anyone.

Was your new show FlashForward influenced by Lost?

There's certainly an influence in FlashForward in the model of the show, in the same way that Lost was modeled. It's a large impressive international cast. It's a world wide show. It translates to different world wide markets. It's world event that deals with mystery and drama and suspense, but ultimately it's the characters. It's heavily influenced by Lost but then it's also it's own beast at the same time.

Video and additional reporting by Julia Carusillo.


Ruthless, if you let me

Thank you for the subtitle underneath. It was very difficult to hear what he was saying, even with my speakers ratcheted all the way up.

Cool interview otherwise! I appreciate all the video coverage that has been on here so far, since I could not go this year.