Dolph Lundgren + Tony Jaa = Buddy-Cop Insanity We Can't Wait To Witness

Brute Nordic strength meets Thai fists, feet, and "how did he do that?" fury in this trailer for buddy-cop action thriller/B-movie schlockfest/1980s throwback Skin Trade. Need more? Ok: the villain is a gangster named "Dragovic" played by Ron Perlman. New trailer below ... pass the popcorn!

[Via Twitchfilm]

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Lundgren's not just rocking "brute strength". Dude has a third degree black belt in Shotokan Karate and was the captain of the National Swedish Karate Team.

And Jaa! Man, he is to muay thai what Bruce Lee was (and still is) to kung fu. Worried about his speaking parts, though. He was not fluent in English and has a bit of a high voice.

But I think doing flying knees through closed doors will offset that.

Good to see him finally crossing over into a Western action flick.