Dollhouse's Viral Marketing Brings the Apocalypse Ever Closer

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The TV show may be on hiatus until December, but the Dollhouse crew is still releasing tantalizing nuggets from the show's universe. The latest viral marketing campaign offers more clues as to how the Rossum Corporation's mindwipe apocalypse begins.


Yesterday, the website for the Rossum Corporation — the nefarious technology company that operates the Dollhouses — launched. On its face, it's a standard corporate website, touting the remarkable abilities of Rossum's technological advances. It also outlines the terms and conditions for becoming a Rossum client, and includes a response to Senator Daniel Perrin's allegations of illegal and unethical activities perpetrated by Rossum.

But the rabbit hole goes a bit deeper. One of the posters at Whedonesque called Rossum's corporate phone number and received a call back, ordering them to "Ditch the tech." The poster then found the Ditch the Tech website, which displays the video below:


The site also includes these anti-cell phone fliers:

Another Whedonesque reader noted the site's source code includes the following information:

Civilization will fall apart in the year 2019. The Rossum Corporation is responsible. It is already beginning at the L.A. Dollhouse right now. Don't let them wipe the future!

And it appears there will be more Dollhouse teasers forthcoming. Another reader found a link to the site Wipe the Future, which for now only includes the text, "Soon."



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Boy is this going to piss off Verizon!

AT&T can probably use this to their advantage. "Because of our poor coverage, with AT&T your chance of having your brain wiped is 30 lower than with Verizon!"

I'll bet the ad reps at Fox are totally pissed. Which telephone company wants to be the official sponsor of Dollhouse now?

Let's start a panic and blame this viral marketing program. I'm sure the viral ad wizards assume we are are smarter than that, but let's call get them in trouble (can I just say that I kinda hate viral marketing that isn't funny? Marketing whose goal is to trick people?) Sure this is clever and kind of funny, but what if we write the cell phone carrier you dislike the most and say, "I just read that I can have my brain wiped if I answer my cell phone. []

Apparently some company has developed a technology that can do this, is this true? At first I dismissed this but then I remembered they said that cigarettes didn't cause cancer for years.

Please advise. Signed a concerned customer."