Dollhouse's Unaired Post-Apocalyptic Episode Could Spawn A New Spin-Off

Illustration for article titled Dollhouses Unaired Post-Apocalyptic Episode Could Spawn A New Spin-Off

Even if we don't get any more Dollhouse after tonight's finale, that may not be the last we see of Joss Whedon's brain-warping vision. Sources tell E! Online that the final episode — the post-apocalyptic one which won't air on Fox, but will be on the DVD — may lead in an unexpected direction. It's by no means definite, but spinning the unaired episode, "Epitaph One," into a new series, is "not exactly outside the realm of Joss' master plan." Here's hoping. And of course, my curiosity to see this weird departure of an episode is now piqued even more than it already was. One question: Would this hypothetical spin-off actually star Felicia Day?


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Charlie, I understand you may love Dollhouse. I applaud you for continuing to carry the torch for this series long after the Internet has spoken in unison against this film. You are truly a paragon for sticking to your guns and continue to add a great deal of perspective and prompt many a fascinating discussion.

...But if you think if Dollhouse gets canceled, there is even a semi-reasonable chance that a Sci-fi post apocalyptic spin-off based on the series gets picked up, you are delusional.