Dollhouse's Season 2 Finale Teased Already!

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Have we just gotten our first glimpse of how the second season of Joss Whedon's Dollhouse is going to end already? One particular guest star has been talking about when they'll appear, which raises some interesting possibilities. Spoilers! Speculation! Go!


Talking to Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello, Alan Tudyk confirmed that Alpha will be back for the end of Dollhouse's second season, saying,

We've kind of been back and forth about [how many episodes I'll appear in]. I've been a little busy... I think I'm going to be in the last few episodes, three or four episodes of the season... What is Echo without Alpha?


Whedon has previously said that Alpha was going to be "used sparingly" in the second season, but with part of the running themes of the season being that Eliza Dushku's Echo is self-aware and able to access multiple personalities, it makes some sense that the equally-complex Alpha would reappear as the season builds to a climax. But does this mean that we're in for more "Oh, he escaped because I, who should have crazy ninja skills, suddenly need a man to save me" disappointment? Here's hoping that Echo's a little bit more self-sufficient for the rematch.

'Dollhouse' and 'FNL' scoop: Look who's returning! [Entertainment Weekly]

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Are we talking episode 22 or episode 13? Because there's no guarantee Fox will give them the back 9 at this point.

I hope Whedon has some contingency plan to do a quick wrap up in case Fox pulls the plug.

Frankly, it's something of a miracle they even got the second season at all and I want to know who sold their soul to a demon to get it.