Still wondering who's playing the naked peeping Tom on Joss Whedon's Dollhouse? We've got the final (nearly) naked truth, as well as some cool design sketches of the Dollhouse itself. Spoilers below!

Set designer Leonard Harman uploaded a bunch of pictures of sets he'd designed for Dollhouse, including these gorgeous sketches of the main Dollhouse area below, which convinced the network to increase the set budget:


But then he also uploaded this image of a set called "Dollhouse lair," featuring the sinister Alpha, with his mostly naked tied-up victim. And yes, it's Alan Tudyk! Sorry, he's not undressed, only his victim is. Fans on the Something Awful forum, who discovered the image, speculate that the set includes Alpha's own version of the Dollhouse's mind-wiping technology, but I can't quite see it. What do you think?

Update: Alpha's own version of the mind-wiping technology actually shows up in this other photo. (Thanks to commenter JaneGolden for pointing it out!)


[Something Awful Forum, thanks Andrew!]


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