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Now that the news we posted about Dollhouse's mysterious Alpha is looking more like a rumor, Joss Whedon has let slip another crucial detail: the actor who plays Alpha may, himself, be a huge spoiler.


EW's Michael Ausiello didn't confirm that pervasive rumor that regular Whedon actor Alan Tudyk is playing Alpha, the renegade doll gone bad. (We originally reported it as fact, thinking it came from official sources, then corrected the entry as soon as we realized.)


But Ausiello did find out that knowing the identity of Alpha's actor would reveal a major twist in the Dollhouse saga. Reading between the lines, it sounds like we'll meet Alpha without knowing we're meeting Alpha, because he'll be masquerading as someone else.

Meanwhile, ShowMeSciFi says one of their readers claims Sean Maher (who played Simon Tam in Firefly) is actually playing Alpha.

Can I be the first to start the rumor that the FBI agent formerly known as Romo Lampkin is Alpha? (It makes perfect sense. Plus then we'd get to see Mark Sheppard naked.) [EW]

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