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For once, we don't have to report that Joss Whedon's Dollhouse TV series is in trouble... because this time, it's the webisode spin-off series that we're worried about.


Originally, each episode of the troubled Whedon creation was going to be accompanied with a three-minute webisode of exclusive material, but that seems to no longer be the case in light of the numerous production hiatuses and rewrites required to get the series ready for its February debut.

Spoiler site Pie Spoilers is reporting that Fox's publicity department is now saying that they "do not believe that there will be supplementary webisodes" to the show, and that focus will be on "“[j]ust the actual show for the first season." It's certainly possible that the amount of rewrites/reworking that the show has had to go through recently may have eaten up the time allotted for the webisodes, but a more likely possibility is simply that Fox doesn't feel like spending the extra money necessary in light of both the current economic climate and the apparent Friday-night lack of faith that the network has demonstrated in the show so far.


Dollhouse premieres February 13th on Fox.

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