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We've already told you that writers of new Joss Whedon show Dollhouse are taking fan questions about the series months before it premieres, but on the current Television Critics Association tour, Joss Whedon has answered the question that every Whedonite was dying to know: No, this show isn't going to get the same shoddy treatment that Fox dished out to Firefly.


Whedon explained that a couple of changes made this the case. Firstly, this literally isn't the same Fox that killed Whedon's SF Western mashup through ineptitude:

These are different people... They didn't do to me what was done to Firefly.

He elaborated on that slightly more later:

It's a completely different energy then the last time. FOX understands what it is we're trying to do. I understand clearly what they want. And while there's definitely a back and forth, there's a collaboration. Not just people glaring at each-other. I feel really good about how they plan to position it, and their feeling about it as a concept and as a show.


Perhaps more importantly, however, Whedon isn't the same man he was back then, either:

The understanding that I reached was with myself... That I had to be realistic about what the network expected of me and about what the chances for the show would be. Like, I fell in love with Firefly in a very blind and adolescent way. And I tried to meet the network halfway. But at the same time, you know, it was agony. Everything was agony for me. ... And now I come at it with a little distance. Not artistic distance. But just, you know, the grown-up attitude of, you go through certain steps. You do your best. You work with them. And you pick the people you're working with. You look for sanity and you look for intelligence. So far, I have found a great deal of both in the executives at Fox.

Cynics looking to be proven right, please bookmark this post and return to it when Dollhouse gets bumped in the schedule multiple times for reruns of Hell's Kitchen and the premiere of Prison Break: Cherry Hill. Not that I'm still bitter about Firefly or anything, no....

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