Dollhouse Is Safe... Ish

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Despite disappointing ratings, Fox want you to know that they really will show all of the episodes of Dollhouse's first season. Even though there may be some pre-emption happening at some point.


Fansite Dollverse has gotten confirmation from Fox that the remaining six episodes of Joss Whedon's mindwipe drama will air on April 3rd, 10th, 24th, and May 1st, 8th and 15th, with the show being pre-empted on April 17th by the return of Prison Break. But the site has also been tipped off that the episode on May 15th is also likely to be pre-empted by the series finale of Prison Break, which leads us to wonder when "Epitaph One," Dollhouse's season (and possibly series, given the ratings) finale will air. It can't air the next week, because its timeslot has been filled by the just announced series premiere of medical drama Mental, after all.

However, we're not convinced that any pre-emption will even be happening; yes, Prison Break is getting a two-hour wrap-up episode, but that doesn't seem to be part of the currently scheduled block of episodes, which may already include a couple of episodes beyond the four originally scheduled. Fans may like to complain about Fox messing around with their favorite shows - and with good reason - but this may be a case of pre-emptive worry for no good reason.


All episodes of Dollhouse to air [Dollverse]

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I am glad to hear that Dollhouse, in it's current format/content will get it's full season run, and here's why: It should only last one season.

I secretly wonder if Joss knew this was coming and planned the show around that fact. All the points about "what happens when they succeed" and the decreasing stability of the characters seem to hint at a melt-down event that could serve as a fantastic and final chapter for the show. Of course that's a bit ridiculous to assume, understanding that both networks and producers want their profit earners to keep on going.

But as a better argument for a one season run, I've come to the opinion that Joss's talent for storytelling works better in a short-format than it does being spread across umpteen seasons. While I bemoan the early death of Firefly, the fact remains that it became a neat and tidy package. It started to advance into the angst and drama that Joss' stories eventually spiral into but wasn't given the chance to languish there, setting up the movie to be the final resolution to the story. Dr. Horrible is another wonderful example of the same thing...good, solid storytelling that has a beginning, middle and definite end, but doesn't wallow in it's own themes forever...a story that we enjoy visiting and re-visiting. I can definitely see dollhouse as that kind of story; one with an END.

Even Buffy lends itself to segmented storytelling. Yes, it went on for, what, 7 seasons? but each one seems to start fresh and wrap itself up at the end as if nothing more was going to come. If Dollhouse adopted this strategy, maybe a next season would see a completely new cast and plot but same universe, it could conceivably continue past one season.

Moreover, I'm tired of things like "sinefeld" and "prison break" and all the rest that feel tired and worn out after a couple seasons, yet they keep coming back. I want a show's producer to step up and say, "here's the deal; great show, only 2 seasons, maybe a movie, but that's it. People will love it and love you for airing it." And i think Joss' talent for storytelling and character development are perfectly suited to that approach.

/end dissertation