Dollhouse Is Awesome, Says Espenson

Sure, we've all heard reports that new Joss Whedon show Dollhouse is in trouble, but consulting producer Jane Espenson begs to differ. In fact, she thinks that the "extremely good" show is entirely "glitch-free."

Talking to Sci-Fi Wire, Espenson - a veteran of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Battlestar Galactica - downplayed rumors of a troubled birth for the Eliza Dushku-mindwipe drama:

We are now rolling along glitch-free... I think people are very confident now that everyone is on the same page with what the show is, how amazing it can be, and I think that a lot of this has been overblown. I mean, very, very often on Buffy we were sort of, 'Oh, we don't quite have that script ready.' That's sort of just how TV goes. It's just when it happens at the beginning like this that it gets a lot of attention, and I think that people were concerned that the Firefly scenario would play out again. But, you know, I think that we're very confident of what the show is, and yeah, it's moving along so smoothly now.


So smoothly that the show may just breakthrough the Whedon faithful to find a new audience, apparently:

"I think it could very well appeal to not just Whedonites, but a much broader audience. I think it's extremely good, and the concept just blows me away: It's fantastic, this notion of people who have been erased and are now imprintable with whatever you want them to be. ... It's sci-fi of the most human kind. It's sci-fi about people, as opposed to, you know, phenomena. And I really love that.

Dollhouse premieres February 13th on Fox.

Espenson: Dollhouse Is Just Fine [Sci-Fi Wire]


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