"Dollhouse" Gets A Doctor... And We Get Fred Back!

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Actress Amy Acker, who appeared as the nerdy Fred in Joss Whedon's vampire-detective show Angel, will join Whedon again in his latest TV show, the futuristic Dollhouse. Acker will play Dr. Claire Saunders, who takes care of the amnesiac "dolls" who can be programmed for any mission or assignment by clients who hire them in the new series which launches this fall.

Joss also held the first "table read" for Dollhouse, and gushed:

All in all, pound for pound, soup to nuts, man vs. beast, it's a pretty amazing ensemble. I'm not sure how I landed this troupe, but rest assured I'm gonna write bestest good word for talkacting to them yes! They're in good hands.


But of course he would say that, wouldn't he? [E! Online]

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Annalee Newitz

@Miranda Kali: Wow, they are the best for handtalkacting! Really!