Dollhouse Clips Prove This Show Can Do Anything

Four new clips from tonight's Dollhouse episode have gone online, and they prove, once and for all, how versatile and clever Joss Whedon's brain-erasure show is. There might be spoilers.

In tonight's episode, "Haunted," Adelle's friend dies - but luckily the dead woman had her brain scanned a few weeks earlier. So Adelle is able to program her complete personality and memories into Echo. (And the fact that she picked Echo, the Doll most likely to go off-mission, seems interesting here.) Newly ensconced in Eliza Dushku's "reaching for the sky" body, she decides to solve her own murder. Meanwhile, Topher programs Sierra to become his nerdy best friend - and they do everything except have sex.


That's the thing about Dollhouse: I really believe Whedon and company have barely scratched the surface of this premise. Look how much drama Caprica got out of one instance of someone's brain being backed up onto a hard drive and then restored to a new body. (All 300 megabytes worth of brain storage!) By including a premise where brains are both readable and writable, Dollhouse opens up so many more possibilities.

I'm still really hoping this show gets a second season so we can see it really begin to stretch out.



"Dollhouse Clips Prove This Show Can Do Anything"

Except get ratings.