Things the Samsung Dream Doghouse (a one-off, created for a contest giveaway in conjunction with England's Crufts dog show) contains:

  • A treadmill covered in AstroTurf "so it reminds them of the outdoors"
  • A hydrotherapy pool "for rejuvenation"
  • An automated feeder so Mr. Fluffystuff can feed himself
  • Luxury decor custom-crafted for doggie comfort, including designer vinyl wallpaper festooned with images of bones and pups, and fleece paw-print pillows
  • A Samsung (duh) tablet in the "chill out" section of the kennel

The dog house was created after a survey of 1,500 dog owners naming the features they'd want to see in the most baller doggie crib ever, at a cost of around $31,000.


According to CNBC:

"The Samsung Dream Doghouse looks sleek and modern, featuring the kind of tech the discerning dog of the future will need," Andy Griffiths, president of Samsung Electronics U.K. and Ireland, said in a news release on Wednesday. "From dogs who have social media profiles, to owners who use video calling to check on their pet while away, technology is fast becoming an integral part of everyday life."

Unfortunately, it looks best-suited for small dogs, so Great Dane owners are gonna have to hold out for the XXL model.

Via Curbed


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