Illustration for article titled Does Your Town Have A Science Fiction Bookstore On Wheels? Austin Does.

Yet another reason to wish you lived in Austin. Fifth Dimension Books is a science fiction bookstore in a bus, taking advantage of a new "mobile retailing" ordinance to set up shop next to the Hyde Park Bar & Grill. It's described as "Austin's Weird, Wandering Bookmobile."


According to the Austin Business Journal, owners Sukyi and Patrick McMahon were friends with chemistry professor John Marx at Texas Tech University, and when Marx died in 2012, they bought his entire 100,000-book science fiction collection. "His estate sold it to them for $60,000 and the budding entrepreneurs then went shopping for a used bookmobile. They found one on Craigslist — a 1987 vintage vehicle that had been used by a small New Jersey town."

And not only will they sell you a book, they'll also take trade-ins. If you're in Austin, you should go buy some science fiction from the bookmobile! [via SFSignal]

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