Does Tron Legacy's secret cameo reveal Tron 3's next villain?

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While watching Disney's big Tron sequel, keep your eyes peeled for a very special cameo. You just might be meeting Tron 3's future villain. Major spoilers ahead.

According to Hey You Guys, actor Cillian Murphy pops up briefly in the "real world" of Tron Legacy at a board meeting. Murphy plays Edward Dillinger, son of Ed Dillinger, the villain of the original Tron. Naturally this is a big surprise cameo, so he isn't credited on IMDB with the cameo... yet. Hey You Guys cornered Production Executive Brigham Taylor, to try and find out more about this big name cameo.

"That was little tit-bit we need slipping out early. He's a character that fits into the mythology of Tron. He's connected to one of the characters from the past and we're really excited to have him involved in the way he way."


The PE added that the idea was to get this particular character involved in as much as the movie as they could, without revealing all of the future details. But the internet is full of rumors that Cillian Murphy will have a bigger role in the next Tron movie, since he's got a big enough part that Disney thought it would be prudent to slowly start introducing him in Tron Legacy, and he's most likely a future baddie.

Tron Legacy will be in theaters December 17th.

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Interesting - seems a little too similar to what Murphy did in Inception.