Summer Glau got all tarted up and de-Terminatrixed for the premiere of Fox's upcoming Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and we hardly recognized her. We'll be talking to Summer on Sunday, so if you have anything you really want to know, tell us!

This autograph-signing star doesn't look anything like the quirky, psychic River Tam from the future in Firefly (who becomes the same girl turned into an ultra-weapon in Serenity), the schizophrenic Tess Doerner who tries to contact the future in The 4400, or the strangely emotional ultra-weapon of the future in the Terminator's trip to TV land.


io9 will be sitting down with Summer Glau just a few hours before her new show hits the airwaves, and while we have several questions up our sleeves, we'd also like to know what you'd want to know about this actress who seems to be making a career out of playing women who can seriously mess you up. Leave your questions in the comments, and check back to see what we were about to download from her brain.

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