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Does this Fringe Comic-Con video contain a clue about what happened to Peter?

Ever since the end of Fringe season three, we've been wondering what's up with Peter Bishop. Does this video which played at the show's Comic-Con panel give a hint?


Spoilers ahead...

And at the Fringe pressrooms last weekend, the producers started to say we should be wondering what character Joshua Jackson is playing this fall — and then they caught themselves before they even finished their sentence.


Now it seems like a major clue about the direction of Fringe's next season has been released. Check out the above Comic-Con video, in which various famous actors audition for the role of Peter Bishop. Make sure to watch until the very end, at which point a surprise is revealed... Or is it? After this video was shown, Peter came out on stage at Comic-Con in his Observer outfit, and the producers acted as though it was just a joke. [Thanks to Lucien!]

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No paceycon this year? OR DID IT HAPPENED? OR DID IT?