Is there a secret Avengers-Stargate crossover? While we're a bit dubious about the authenticity of this "set report" we did get a mighty chuckle from the Stargate on set references.

Comic Book Movies picked up the tweets from one Twitter user named Lionheart3rd (whose twitter handle is longer active which could mean something). The source is allegedly working on the film, but none of this is confirmed (nor would it be) so take this vague report with a grain of salt. Spoiler Warning:

# First test explosion: Badassness!

# Dargo'ing up the actors takes a bit

# Scarlet came up to us and asked about our equipment. Funny watching her be impressed w/ us. She's pretty cool.

# The crane shot of Hawkeye and Blackwidow is money.

# Explosion 2: even badasser!

# Watching them choreograph Cap beatin' up some aliens (or somethin) too cool.

# The aliens use Jaffa staffs. Tel'c would not be pleased.

# Everything is moving to the otherside of the set. It's funny watching Joss carry his chair.

# Got the schedule for tomorrow, must try to be on that shift.

# For those of you who geek over these things, they're using iPads to show ppl the shot lists w/ the CGI or a rough makeup of it.

# Joss just did his example of an alien charging down set. Scary is not the first word I'd choose, nor the fifth.

# Getting coverage w/ stunt doubles now. Suddenly a lot of shots are becoming clear.


So there you have it, aliens with Jaffa staffs — sounds like Skrulls to me. Or maybe Apophis is attacking!