Does the secret at the heart of Chris Nolan's Inception have to do with... Tron?

Christopher Nolan's next film, Inception, remains a beguiling mystery. But one thing's for certain: The visuals will be stunning. This new IMAX TV spot proves it, and there are more videos taking you behind the scenes and inside the dreams.

What do you think is up with that vault door opening in the IMAX spot? The inside of it looks like some kind of vector-graphics world — almost as if it's computer generated, or a virtual landscape. What if the journey inside people's dreams winds up leading Leonardo DiCaprio and his gang inside a virtual consciousness? It could be like seeing Nolan's vision of Tron.


Here are some more new TV spots, which include some more mysterious at the heart of Inception. I especially love the bit where Leo is lecturing Ellen Page about how you never know how a dream starts — and she doesn't realize for a moment that they're in a dream instead of real life.

And here's some behind-the-scenes footage, and cast interviews:

Leonardo DiCaprio:

Christopher Nolan:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt:

Ellen Page:

Ken Watanabe:

Marion Cotillard:

Michael Caine:

Tom Hardy:

Chris Brigham:

Dileep Rao:

Emma Thomas:

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