Does the future of the Terminator franchise include the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger?

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Fast Five director Justin Lin explains his Terminator 5 plans. He says he knows how to continue the franchise, and he wants to get back to what made the first two Terminator films great. Will the original Terminator be back?

Plus there are tons of hints for the futures of Fringe and Supernatural.

A new Dark Knight Rises set video reveals a Gotham City car chase.

Tom Cruise might be ready to sign on for another big budget science fiction epic.


Plus Satan gets a sidekick in Alex Proyas's Paradise Lost!

Spoilers from here on out!

Top image from The Dark Knight Rises.

Terminator 5

Justin Lin, who was actively developing a new Terminator film before deciding to focus on the Fast Five sequel, offers some cryptic clues about where he would take the Terminator franchise:

"Those first two ‘Terminator' films, we have such a strong connection to it and there's always a desire to revisit anything that can cause us to feel like that. Being someone who really holds that sacred, I feel like there is a way of continuing that journey. Also with the time travel and canon there's a version there that you can do right. For me, there's still some characters and themes that were kind of promised and exhibited in those movies that we have never actually seen. Those are things that got me excited about potentially trying to crack all of that...I remember growing up and watching the first ‘Terminator' films and they defined my youth in many ways. That's something I want to try to seek out and recapture...There is a way to do that. I don't want to give anything away but I have a very clear idea thematically and arc-wise where we can go."

Considering that Lin has already discussed the project at length with original director James Cameron and original Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger, it's entirely possible that getting back to the first two movies involves more than simply capturing their spirit. In particular, Schwarzenegger's involvement with the project's development (not to mention his attempt to return to acting, which is going really well when you ignore all the sex scandals) might well mean yet another appearance by a T-800.

Of course, that's still all just speculation, and it sounds like we're a long way from anything concrete happening, as Lin also offers an update on where the project stands now:

"The timing for that is a little bit off [in the distance] but the good thing is it doesn't feel like creatively it's been compromised. I don't think anyone is trying to hurry anything. I'm hopeful it will work out but at the same time I'm going to be hard on that film if I get a chance to make it. With that franchise, that's what it deserves...It's been just great to throw that around with James [Cameron] and Arnold [Schwarzenegger]. Is time our enemy? Well, there is a ticking clock but anytime anything goes into development - with the state of filmmaking and the way films get made - you're always fighting for more time. The biggest enemy is rushing things. I don't think it should be rushed. Creatively, it will come when it comes. Passion is always the currency and it's the thing that will create momentum. If that's not there you shouldn't do it. Obviously, there's a lot of money involved and with that money the clock is going to keep ticking."


[Hero Complex]

The Dark Knight Rises

Here's a set video of a chase scene from the Los Angeles filming. [The Cineaste's Lament]

We Mortals

Tom Cruise is reportedly in talks for the lead role in Doug Liman's sci-fi war epic, which was previously titled All You Need is Kill. It's unclear whether he would be starring alongside or replacing the previously rumored Brad Pitt. [The Hollywood Reporter]


Paradise Lost

Dominic Purcell, best known for his starring role on Prison Break, has reportedly been cast in Alex Proyas's adaptation of John Milton's 16th century poem. Purcell will reportedly play the fallen angel Jerahmeel, who under the new name Moloch becomes the first lieutenant of Bradley Cooper's Lucifer. The rest of the cast includes Casey Affleck, Djimon Hounsou, Ben Walker, Camilla Belle, and Callan McAuliffe. [Heat Vision]


Doctor Who

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Actor Alexander Armstrong - who previously voiced the computer Mr. Smith on The Sarah Jane Adventures - tweeted this photo from the set of the 2011 Christmas special. It appears he's wearing a Royal Air Force uniform, in keeping with the special's World War II setting. [Blogtor Who]


Anna Torv explains the circumstances of Peter's upcoming return:

"You see a man come back to a life and people that he knew, but they don't know him. He's a stranger to everyone, except he knows a lot of stuff."


Lance Reddick explains Broyles's reaction to all this:

"It really is as though he never existed. So when he shows up claiming all these things and knowing all these things, it's really freaky. Broyles' attitude is that it's possible what he's saying is true, but the last place I'm going to go is to believe him... at least at first. It has to reach a point where there's so much validity to the information that he has and the way that he helps, that over time, he's given more and more trust and more and more freedom to operate, work and help."


Anna Torv also says that, considering how long it took them to get together the first time around, you shouldn't expect a quick reconciliation for Peter and Olivia. There's more at the link, including some hints for the future (or lack thereof) of Peter and alt-Olivia's baby. [TV Guide]

Here's a video interview with Lincoln Lee actor Seth Gabel.

And here's Gabel's explanation of Peter and Lincoln's relationship:

"Lincoln and Peter seem to get along. They have— ah, I hate the word bromance, but they get along well. Whatever the definition of bromance is without using that word, though now I just used it I don't think there's a competitive nature there. I'm hoping because there are alts of each person but only one Peter, that ultimately Lincoln and Peter can be happy in some way."


[LA Examiner]

Jasika Nicole also discusses Peter's return and a big upcoming threat:

"Peter's reintegration into this world, the transition is really difficult. "So there's not an immediate, ‘Okay, we're back to where we were before.' It takes a while. I don't even know if it will fully get to a good place. So far, it's just a battle, which is cool because it would be weird if everyone just went back to the way things use to be...

"All I can say really is that there is something from the past, past, past — and you have to think we're in a different reality now — something in the past has come back. There is a possibility that there is an outside force that has nothing to do with these universes but is affecting these universes. And you discover what it is."



Here's an interview between John Noble and the show's video producer Ari Margolis. [Fringe Television]

Episodes five, six, and eight will reportedly be called "Innovation", "And Those We've Left Behind", and "Back to Where You've Never Been." [Fringe Latino]


The Walking Dead

Robert Kirkman previews the second season:

Well it's bigger; there's more episodes, so that's a big thing right there. That sounds nonsensical, but it continually shocks me how much more story you can pack into 13 episodes rather than six. It feels like we're doing two episodes' worth of material in every episode.

We're doing a lot of cool stuff in the second season. Story-wise, we're in a different locale. We're out in the woods, dealing with a much more rural environment than Atlanta in the first season. It's a big change, and it's been really cool. We're introducing new characters and all kinds of different environments, but it has everything you liked about the first season. There are tons of zombies, action scenes and drama involving our cast.

I also hear word we'll be introduced to Hershel Greene's farm this season.
Yeah, we're going to see Hershel and his family, and see Maggie and Glenn. As far as other locations from the comic, there are definitely a couple things slipped in there that comic readers will recognize, but I don't want to give it away just yet. There's going to be a few surprises in there.


He also confirms that he wrote the season premiere and co-wrote the finale, and that he plans to write more episodes going forward. [Newsarama]

Terra Nova

Here are some promo photos for next week's episode, "The Runaway." [KSiteTV]

A profile on star Stephen Lang reveals he recently shot a scene in which "he got to launch flaming arrows into the night sky inside the woods" where the show films. [New York Daily News]


Person of Interest

Here are some promo photos for this week's episode, "Cura Te Ipsum." [SpoilerTV]



Episode nine will reportedly be called "Chuck vs. the Kept Man." [SpoilerTV]


Here are some photos and a promo for episode four, "Defending Your Life." [KSiteTV]

Executive producer Sera Gamble teases the upcoming episode "Slash Fiction", in which the Leviathans clone the Winchesters:

"It's kind of Sam and Dean vs. Sam and Dean, where we have evil Sam and Dean running around-that's pretty great. Jared and Jensen clearly had a ton of fun playing the evil sides of themselves. Evil Sam and Dean kind of have a psychological take on why Sam and Dean act the way they do. It's pretty funny."


She also talks more about the Leviathans in general:

"They are very smart, they are very adaptable, and basically they find themselves in the land of opportunity," Sera says about the new arrivals from Purgatory. "They develop the plan that works best for them, and you start to see that kind of evolve over the first half of the season. We'll get more of a taste of what their boss is telling them and why. [The Leviathans are] not violent, angry, slash-and-burn creatures...they're just instinctually corrupt monsters-they're starving and they really like eating people."


Jared Padalecki discusses the upcoming nuptials for one of the Winchesters:

"The gist of it is that these characters have been through a lot. We've seen Dean in relationships and Sam in relationships, and now - [the wedding] kind of comes out of the blue. ...It's kind of confusing to the other character, naturally. But it all spells itself out pretty quickly."


There's a bit more at the link. [E! Online]

You can also check out a video interview with Padalecki and Jensen Ackles at the link. [TV Guide]


Sera Gamble discusses the futures of Misha Collins as Castiel and Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer:

"The best way I can be coy about it is to say you'll see Misha again. There are so many versions you have seen him play on the show, but I can't tell you what we're planning. Hopefully it'll not be what people have predicted, but we'll see...

"I'm sad to report you won't see Mark Pellegrino in the next few, which isn't to say you won't see him again, because we adore him. But this is something Sam will have to deal with and contend with pretty much on an on-going basis. It's just a part of who he is, in a way, now. This thing happens to him and his brain has been changed, his psyche has been changed, and luckily, now he is starting to figure out ways to deal with it."



Additional reporting by Katharine Trendacosta and Charlie Jane Anders.


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John Hazard

"A new Dark Knight Rises set video reveals a Gotham City car chase."

Anybody still clicking on these?

Not only do I not want to spoil the movie for myself, I've had more than enough Gotham car chase in the last movie. Plus I feel like we get two or three of these videos in every Morning Spoiler.