Does Superman Returns Really Deserve A Director's Cut?

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Fans online are planning to lobby Warner Bros into releasing a re-edited, special features-laden version of Bryan Singer's Superman Returns, thinking that it could uncover the hidden masterpiece in the released version. But... is there a masterpiece hidden in there?


I'll admit to liking the failed 2006 relaunch of the Superman franchise more than most people, but even I think it's definitely more flawed than it should be; overlong, lacking a show-stopping action set-piece and that whole Superman-as-stalker-and-Lois-is-married-this-can't-end-well thing was... ill-considered, to say the least. It's possible that a Director's Cut of the movie would uncover all manner of Singer's original intent and improve the thing, but what I find myself worrying about is the idea that what didn't work for me were the parts that were Singer's ideas (Superman-as-stalker-and-Lois-is-married, etc.), and any Director's Cut would make it worse. And so, I leave it to you, dear readers: What do you think about the idea of re-editing and re-releasing Superman Returns?

[Superman Returns: The Bryan Singer Cut]


the answer is no.

Superman Returns, while well made and you can see how hard Singer tried to make a good film, the script is just shit...a KID? really?...FAIL.

however...this does remind me of the very cool fanedit scene...

check out []

plenty of stuff to argue about, and some very passionate people trying to make films they love even better (?) #supermanreturnsthebryansingerc...