Does Science Drama Fail, Even When It Wins?

Scientist adventure show Eleventh Hour, which garnered top ratings and has in recent weeks gotten genuinely fun to watch, may become proof that scifi can't win on TV. Even when the audience is huge.


This week rumors zoomed about how several writers had gotten laid off from the show. CBS is unexpectedly reducing how many episodes it wants from the series, even though it is one of the network's only new shows to become a hit.

According to TV Guide:

The CBS drama is actually safe ... for now. Apparently, the layoffs were a simple case of supply and demand. The writers had worked ahead a few scripts and the show got a reduced back-end pickup (five episodes versus the expected nine), so there wasn't enough work to justify all those talented scribes. If Eleventh gets a second season, they'll probably staff up again.

[via TV Guide]

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