Pam Grier has joined the cast of the CW's Smallville, and if her character is any indication, we can expect to see an increase in the amount of underhanded governmental black-ops... And maybe even a Suicide Squad? Spoilers below.

Grier will join the long-lived superhero soap later this season for a multi-episode arc playing Amanda Waller, better known to readers of DC Comics' Suicide Squad and Checkmate as the uber-manipulative schemer behind various US Government agencies that use superhumans as cannon fodder on black-ops missions that just so happen to advance her own agenda. Does this mean that Clark is going to end up drafted into service, or will we see the return of various Kryptonite-powered former villains-of-the-week acting under shady orders?


Grier's first appearance in the show will be in the second half of the season's Justice Society two-parter, at the start of next year.

'Smallville' lands Pam Grier! [Entertainment Weekly]

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