Does Karl Urban's Judge Dredd really sound like Bale's Batman? Listen and decide!

While wishing a happy birthday to British comic magazine 2000 AD on its 35th birthday, Simon Pegg (presumably from the set of Star Trek 2) grabbed Karl Urban, and possibly captured his growly new Judge Dredd voice as well.


This all makes sense, since 2000 AD is the original home of the futuristic Judge of Mega-City One's adventures.. And Urban is playing the Judge in the new reboot, titled Dredd, so it makes perfect sense that Pegg would let him give a shout out. But why would Urban change his voice and reshape his mouth into that classic Dredd pout? Because clearly, this is the persona Urban becomes when playing Judge Dredd. While we love the mouth, we're a bit nervous about the voice — especially for the tons of Dark Knight jokes that will no doubt fill the internet soon enough. Ah well, he nailed the look (even if it's just for a second). Here's a large collection of Dredd stills if you want to see what Urban looks like in the boss' helmet.


[via Blastr]

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"Geh pam a paddaddahh shell forever." - Christian Bale

"Happy Birthday, creeps." - Karl Urban

Karl's doing just fine.