Does Justice League Already Have Its Villain?

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Guillermo Del Toro denies that Pacific Rim 2 is cancelled. Elizabeth Olsen doesn’t think there should be a Scarlet Witch solo film. Plus Gotham teases a Riddler/Penguin teamup, a familiar face returns to Daredevil, and Skull Island might become the opening salvo in a Kong/Godzilla trilogy. Spoilers Now!

Justice League

Following this week’s reports that Brainiac is being held for a potential Man of Steel 2, Birth Movies Death is reporting that not only is Man of Steel 2 still not happening, but that Brainiac is in fact lined up to appear in the Justice League films—something that may be cannibalized from the earlier plans for the Superman sequel. As usual with unsourced rumors, keep all the salt handy.


Pacific Rim 2

Guillermo Del Toro has stated that he still intends to make the movie, despite recent news of its placement on indefinite hold:

We are still turning in a screenplay and a budget in three weeks. As far as I’m concerned, it’s not gone. We’re still on it.

It moved further. I may do another movie in the middle.

[Entertainment Weekly]

Prometheus 2

Ridley Scott discusses where the plot of the film picks up, and gets a bit existential in the process.

You can either say, leave the first film alone and jump ahead, but you can’t because it ends on too specific a plot sentence as she says, I want to go where they came from, I don’t want to go back to where I came from. I thought the subtext of that film was a bit florid and grandiose, but it asks a good question: who created us?

I don’t think we are here by accident. I find it otherwise hard to believe you and I are sitting here at this table, because the molecular miracles that would have had to occur were in the trillions, since the first sign of human life that crawled out of the mud with four fingers, would bloody well be impossible, unless there was some guidance system. Also, you have the sun approximately the same distance from earth as it is from maybe millions of planets and planetoids that are almost identical distance and therefore enjoy the value of sunlight on their soil. Are you telling me there are no other planets with human life? I simply don’t believe it.


Captain America: Civil War

Elizabeth Olsen doesn’t think Scarlet Witch would work as well on her own in a standalone movie:

I’m not sure, honestly. I love my character, I just don’t know how that would fit in the whole Marvel universe or if it would even be necessary.


[Business Insider]

Mary Poppins 2

Emily Blunt is allegedly being courted for the lead role of Mary in the recently revealed sequel. [/Film]



Director Duncan Jones responds to a claim from The Hollywood Reporter that Universal sees the film as a “problem movie”. [/Film]


Kong: Skull Island

The same report that said that the film’s script includes references to 2014’s Godzilla also claims that Skull Island is the first in a trilogy that will culminate in a battle between Godzilla and King Kong. [/Film]


The Last Witch Hunter

Here’s another trailer and a new poster for the Vin Diesel action film.



Robin Lord Taylor teases a possible Riddler team-up:

I can’t get into any specifics, unfortunately, I can say that you will see they definitely come back into each other’s lives in a really major way. It’s going to be really great. We’re about to start that part of the story in the next couple of weeks. I’m so thrilled. They are in the same city, so…



Scream Queens

Chad Michael Murray will guest-star as Brad Radwell, a Hollywood talent agent. [TV Line]



Scott Glenn has been confirmed to return as Matt Murdock’s blind mentor Stick. [Den of Geek]



Here’s a synopsis for the second season premiere, “Grumpy Old Liv”:

Liv (Rose McIver) consumes the brains of a cantankerous old man to help gain insight into his death. After receiving an anonymous call on the tipster hotline, Liv and Detective Babineax (Malcolm Goodwin) stop by the residence of Byron Thistlewaite (guest star Adam Rose), to question the mysterious caller. Meanwhile, Ravi (Rahul Kohli) suspects that Major (Robert Buckley) might be experiencing a side effect of the cure, and Liv pays Blaine (David Anders) a surprise visit.


[Comic Book]

The Flash

And likewise, one from “The Man Who Saved Central City”:

Picking up months after the Singularity attacked Central City, Barry (Grant Gustin) is still struggling to forgive himself for Eddie’s death. Concerned about putting his friends in danger, Barry has pushed everyone away and has chosen to protect the city on his own. When a meta-human named Atom Smasher (guest star Adam Copeland) attacks the city, Iris (Candice Patton) tells Barry that he needs to let his friends help him protect the citizens of Central City. Meanwhile, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) helps Joe (Jesse L. Martin) with his Meta Task Force.



A gallery of photos from the season premiere “Green Arrow” has been released—go to the link to see more. [Spoiler TV]


Agents Of SHIELD

Finally, here’s a new cast poster for the show’s third season. [People]


Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson and Charlie Jane Anders. Top image: Batman v Superman.


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