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Does III Mean An End To Heroes?

Illustration for article titled Does III Mean An End To Heroes?

Production Weekly is reporting that Tim Kring is working on a new series for NBC, whose working title is III, about alternate world war. Does this mean that Heroes has gone to the great cathode ray tube in the sky?


According to PW, the new series is co-created by Heroes creator Kring and Heroes executive producer Aron Eli Coleite, and will tell the story about an alternate America being invaded, leading to a third World War. With uncertainty surrounding the fate of the NBC superhero series, which finishes its fourth season on Monday, the news of this new series taking up the time of two of the show's central brain trust may foreshadow an official announcement of Heroes' cancellation. Or does NBC trust Kring with two prime-time franchises?

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On any other network I would say, "Yes". But this is NBC we are talking about. And Heroes still sells a ton of DVDs. So, there is going to be another season. I bet my hat on it.