Does England's Lake Windermere house its own Loch Ness monster?

The Loch Ness monster might have celebrity status, but England has its own lake monster that's a real up-and-comer. Denizens of Bowness-on-Windermere in Cumbria's Lake District claim they've spotted the beast, whom they've dubbed "Bownessie."


Reporters from the BBC's Inside Out went to Bowness to investigate these monstrous claims. It sounds like many experts suspect that the object photographed in the lake is an actual animal, although it may be less the dinosaur-like sea serpent so often depicted in Loch Ness than an unusually large fish.

So is Bownessie real? Simply a big fish in a large lake? Or just a ploy to lure those Loch Ness tourists away?


'Bownessie': the mysterious water 'monster' of Bowness [BBC via Cryptomundo]

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An Atheist Jew

No. England's Lake Windermere does not have its own Loch Ness monster. Loch Ness does not have it's own Loch Ness monster, either.

Sorry to disappoint all of you cryptozoologists.