Does Anyone Really Understand The Angel War In Dominion?

No. The answer is no. Also YIIIIIKES, that last scene.

There are two subjects I want to talk about from last night's Dominion. First, there's the fact that the angel war has all these stupid arbitrary rules for certain angels and not others and it just makes no sense at all. Second is the killing of the child who is not really a child but a human version of Fievel the cartoon mouse.

First, the war. So, correct me if I'm wrong: God (father) left, which caused his kids Gabriel to kill all the humans because 1) he hates them all, and 2) he thinks extinguishing the human race will bring back his father. Because humans are the worst. Michael (his brother) thinks humans are great and stopped the war from being a total slaughter by fighting for the home team. Meanwhile, they have a sister (who just showed up) and lied that she will help either of them because she wants the war to continue????? I don't know. She told one brother one thing and another the same thing but in reverse. Is she just hedging her bets towards the end of this war? Also why can't Gabriel kill Michael? I feel like that would be a very easy and quick way to win this war, kill the only ace in the hole the humans have. This has nothing to do with the Chosen One; it's just a rule he made up.


Gabriel has no problem killing 8-balls but his brother is a no-no? I don't get it. I do, however, get the chosen "two roads diverged in the woods" yada, yada stuff. But overall, this episode was the first time we dived into the angel life, and the sister took me right out of it. I don't get Gabriel and his human hatred at all. I need more from this guy, a lot more. Michael I'm OK with. But I can wait.

In other news, Bixby died. Oh noooo! It's OK; no one cares.


Here's the thing: Bixby was the worst. She was an orphan created to make Alex look good and David Whele look evil. And evil he looked when he killed a small child on this series. That was ridiculously evil; it was so evil that Dominion went out of its way to make sure we the audience knew that she wasn't feeling any pain. But she was DYING, so the pain is all relative.

That's not to say I didn't enjoy the Whele/Riesen "We're old and gonna die" showdown. Putting these two actors in a room is always good. And I'm actually completely invested in the fact that these two morons are willing to sacrifice the human race to maintain their pittance of a hold on Vega.


But the kid murdering was real bad. Too far, too silly. We already saw Whele FEED PEOPLE TO LIONS; we didn't need to reinforce his monstrous powers by watching him quietly kill an orphan. Poor Bixby; she never had a chance. This character was never penned to be anything but a bad decision for other characters to make. She had no say in her plight, and we didn't really know beans about her plight anyway other than poor kids have knit hats and circles under their eyes. Sigh.


Ah well.

In conclusion, this place was also very bad looking:


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