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Another short look at Brad Bird's mysterious Tomorrowland was released today, and unlike the trailer, we got a much better look at the land that George Clooney keeps talking about. I still say that, when she sees it from the field, there's a very Wizard of Oz-like tone to this.


Even though this is shorter then the trailer we got last year, there are more clips from more scenes. What we know remains the same: there are these pins that take people to this mysterious future alternate world (maybe? We think?) and, despite the voiceover they use in this trailer, George Clooney's character hates that place and is being hunted by the authority there. That's it. That's what we know.

What's new here is Hugh Laurie in some sort of lordly garb at :17. And what do you think that clockwork machine is at :13? It looks like George Clooney and Britt Robertson are with Raffey Cassidy, who plays Athena. Another person we know very little about, other than that Cassidy described Athena as not good and not evil, and knows Kung Fu, at New York Comic Con

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