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What's going on with Meet Dave, Eddie Murphy's new scifi comedy? It's coming out July 11, and there's barely been a peep about it, aside from a trailer a while ago. No buzz, no press. And it doesn't sound as though it'll be screened for critics. Update: Actually, it is being screened after all. With a script co-written by MST3K alum Bill Corbett, the story of a human-shaped spaceship, with a bunch of tiny people inside, could be a blast. So what happened?


It's really hard to tell. It sounds as though Dave just got swept under the carpet. All the Eddie buzz this week is about whether he's quitting movies for good. (Answer: No, he isn't.) And whether Beverly Hills Cop 4 will be R-rated. I have to admit, the trailer for Dave left me a tad underwhelmed, and the few early reviews are not encouraging. Says Westside Today:

Meet Dave is, sadly, not [worth watching]. The Naked Cowboy's cameo is funnier than the rest of the movie, and that's downright tragic.

Still, Murphy's last collaboration with Dave director Brian Robbins, Norbit, made $96 million domestically. And Murphy has already re-teamed with Robbins for a third film, called A Thousand Words. Due in 2009, it's the story of a blase guy (Murphy) who learns that he'll die as soon as he finishes saying a thousand words. So, I guess, he has to be very, very laconic.

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