Does Anybody Really Need This Much I Am Legend Crap?

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An overload of I Am Legend collectors items is about to hit shelves in one colossal box set. But I ask you, who really needs two versions of the film, hours of additional content, the already-seen alternate ending, four comics, 12 deleted scenes, commentary, extras, Will Smith's spoofy off-screen antics, a 44-page concept sketch book, a lenticular lucite commemorative piece, and six collectible art cards showing different devastated cities (which I actually think is cool)? The package hits stands December 9th, just in time for Christmas. I shudder to think what The Dark Knight box set will contain. [DVD Active]


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Aidan_ III: The Return

I thought Will Smith Conquers The Vampires was an okay movie, especially considering I didn't pay a dime to see it, but yeah. Doesn't need all this junk.

What's the difference between the two versions though? Is it just the ending?