Does An Ant-Man LEGO Set Reveal A Major Spoiler?

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Get a new look at the Suicide Squad in videos from the set. An old Heroes alumni is coming back for Heroes Reborn. Peter Harness talks Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. Plus, brief snippets of new footage from Terminator Genisys, casting for The Crow, and more. Spoilers Now!

Top image: Ant-Man.


Lego have released images for a playset based on the movie called “The Final Battle”, complete with three figures: Scott Lang’s Ant-Man, Darren Cross’ Yellowjacket, and an Ant-man-suited Hank Pym:


Pym is wearing a darker version of Scott’s suit, presumably indicating he will don his own Ant-Man suit during the film. [CBR]


Brad Bird discusses how he joined the film:

[Writer] Damon Lindelof was the one who really incepted it. He was talking with Sean Bailey, who was the President of Disney Pictures. They first just asked, “What does the word ‘Tomorrowland’ suggest?’ It’s one of those words that seems to spark people. Why does it spark people and what can you do with it? Other than playing into that word, there was no mandate to tell a certain story or not. Damon brought on Jeff Jensen and they basically spent six months coming up with a backstory of this whole other world. Damon came in and did some very precise story work that I wanted done on “Mission: Impossible.” It was after the movie was basically shot and there was room for just a couple of days of reshoots to adjust some things I wanted fixed. Damon had very little wiggle room, but he was a very precise story surgeon, doing just enough to fix this little thing and that little thing and all the little things that I wanted fixed. I was really impressed with him and we were just talking and having lunch. I asked him what he was doing and he mentioned this project. He started talking about these ideas and was immediately drawn in. They had concocted the iceberg, but the tip that was going to be in the movie was still up for grabs.


[Coming Soon]

Viral/Amityville: The Awakening

Both films have been given release dates. Viral will be released February 19, 2016 and Amityville: The Awakening will be released April 15, 2016. [Shock Till You Drop]


The Crow

Andrea Riseborough is allegedly in talks to play the villain, Top Dollar — who was male in the original movie and graphic novel. [Deadline]


Suicide Squad

Here’s a few videos from filming, featuring the Squad investigating the wreckage of a crashed plane. [Comic Book]


Terminator Genisys

Arnies old and new face off in this new TV spot.


The team of video game champions confronts Pac-Man in this clip. [Coming Soon]

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

Peter Harness discusses book writer Susanna Clarke’s involvement in the BBC adaptation:

She wasn’t very involved with the process of adapting it. We sent her a nice letter when we started, from me, Toby, and Nick the producer, and she sent a very nice one back warning us not to get involved with magicians basically. She was quite firm on that actually! She didn’t think anyone should get involved with Mr Strange & Mr Norrell because they’re so very vain and selfish (laughs), and there have been times when they’ve been awful. But from that we knew she was supportive and not long before we started shooting she read the scripts and we went out and had a very nice dinner with her before we decamped up to Leeds, and I think she’s been delighted with it. She became a fairly regular presence on set, and when they were shooting the York Minster sequence I came over with my wife and we all had a very fun few days wandering around the Minster watching everyone else work very hard, and feeling very relaxed about it!


[Den of Geek]

Heroes Reborn

Greg Grunberg will return as Matt Parkman for a guest arc on the show. [Entertainment Weekly]


Game Of Thrones

Here’s a gallery of photos for “The Gift”. [Spoiler TV]


Scream: The TV Series

And finally, here’s the first promo pictures for the series. [Spoiler TV]


Additional reporting by Diana Biller and Charlie Jane Anders


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