The world of Marvel’s Spider-Man is full of love for the titular web-slinger and his comic book history. But is the playground of New York it recreates good enough to guide a first time visitor around? io9 decided to find out, by shipping the site’s resident Spider-Fan to the Big Apple to take a pop quiz.*

Yes, despite working for an American website for over four years, I—the aforementioned Spider-Fan—had never actually visited Peter Parker’s home city until very recently, when io9 and Gizmodo brought me over to cover New York Toy Fair last month. [Editor’s Note: It’s true. We can now confirm James is a real person and not just an algorithm of fandom. - Jill P.]


But thanks to my love of Peter and his amazing friends I figured years of movies, comics, and games (especially swinging around Manhattan in his latest, greatest hit on PS4) might have helped me absorb a little bit of the city that never sleeps. Hell, I even bumped into him at Midtown Comics while I was there!


Sort of.

Anyway, to see if years of webhead knowledge was actually worth a damn when it came to navigating New York, I squared off against actual New York resident Danielle—one of io9 and Gizmodo’s video producers, who’s lived in the city for 18 months—to see who could identify more famous locales from the city...using only pictures from the PS4 game as clues. We asked Danielle for comment about her performance and she gave us the following statement: “In my defense...”

You can see how well both of us fared in the video above!

*and, like, do other work things. io9's video team does not have the power to send me on a work trip halfway around the world just for a quiz, sadly.


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James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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Dave Freeman

Why would you consider someone who’s only lived int eh city for 18 months to be a “local?”