Does a Set Photo Reveal a Walking Dead Reunion?

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Rumors add more villains to Batman v. Superman. Guillermo del Toro gives a timeline for Pacific Rim 2 and the chances for his adaptation of At the Mountains of Madness. Arrow's season premiere casts its villain and heralds the return of Vertigo. Plus, Once Upon a Time gets its Elsa! Spoilers now!


Top image: The Walking Dead

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Latino Review has another batch of rumors, this time saying that the ancillary villains to Lex Luthor will be serial killer Victor Zsasz, LexCorp PR man Morgan Edge (which they think is the part Scoot McNairy has been cast as), assassin David Caine, and Amanda Waller as a powerful senator who isn't a fan of Superman. As usual, treat these as mere rumors for now. [Latino Review]

Pacific Rim 2

Guillermo del Toro says that he'll begin designing the sequel in six weeks, saying that it takes him nine months to design a film "like that." He also said that they'd be adding new characters and "hopefully doing good work managing those that survived the first movie."

As for where they are in the process of the film and the TV show, del Toro said:

We are three years away, so to spoil anything would be fantastically silly of me. What I can tell you: [screenwriter Zak Penn] and I really went in, we started with [screenwriter Travis Beacham] about a year and a half ago, kicking ideas back and forth. And, admittedly, I said to Zak, let's keep kicking ideas till we find one that really, really turns the first movie on its ear, so to speak. (…) It was hard to create a world that did not come from a comic book, that had its own mythology, so we had to sacrifice many aspects to be able to cram everything in the first movie. Namely, for example "the Drift" (editor's note: the neural link between pilots of the giant robots, or jaegers), which was an interesting concept. [Then there was] this portal that ripped a hole into the fabric of our universe, what were the tools they were using? And we came up with a really, really interesting idea. I don't want to spoil it, but I think at the end of the second movie, people will find out that the two movies stand on their own. They're very different from each other, although hopefully bringing the same joyful giant spectacle. But the tenor of the two movies will be quite different.

What can you tell me about the animated "Pacific Rim" series? Do you know which network will carry it?

We are talking about all the possibilities in terms of networks. We're formulating ideas that are, again, interesting and not the usual route, but the series tackles the stories that happened to pilots working in the Shatterdome (editor's note: a building where jaegers are built and maintained and pilots train), but also cadets learning how to become pilots. All of this happens prior to the first movie, and it gives you a little more depth into the background of certain characters that will appear in the second movie. So it's really expanding the material. I was incredibly happy with the comic book series that came about from a graphic novel called "Tales From Year Zero," and we are continuing the tales for the next three years. So by the time the second movie comes out, you will have probably one year of the animation airing, and you will have three years of the comic book series ongoing, so we are trying for all these things to be canon, to be in the same universe, to not wing anything, so that if anyone … a lot of kids, for example, have discovered "Pacific Rim" through the toys. They come in through the toys, and then they watch the movie, and then they learn this, they learn that through the movie or the comic book series, so we're trying to make it canon so we can expand the universe. And by the time we come into the second movie, you have a good feel for the world, and we can dedicate ourselves to character and ideas and spectacle.


[Wall Street Journal]

At the Mountains of Madness

In the same interview del Toro also spoke about his adaptation of At the Mountains of Madness:

That's exactly what I discussed with them. I said to them, that's the movie that I would really love to do one day, and it's still expensive, it's still … I think that now, with the way I've seen PG-13 become more and more flexible, I think I could do it PG-13 now, so I'm going to explore it with [Legendary], to be as horrifying as I can, but to not be quite as graphic. There's basically one or two scenes in the book that people don't remember that are pretty graphic. Namely, for example, the human autopsy that the aliens do, which is a very shocking moment. But I think I can find ways of doing it. We'll see. It's certainly a possibility in the future. Legendary was very close to doing it at one point, so I know they love the screenplay. So, we'll see. Hopefully it'll happen. It's certainly one of the movies I would love to do. ... I think there's a really strong possibility we can do it ("At the Mountains of Madness") at Legendary because now they are at Universal, and Universal, you may remember, almost greenlit the movie. The fact that we now have two studios together that love the material, and if they support each other, they are risking a lot less. It would be great to do it, but I've understood that you don't plan your career, it just happens.


[Wall Street Journal]

Guardians of the Galaxy

The marketing for this film continues to be on point, with the launch of the faux-travel site Galaxy Getaways which happily informs you that the places on Earth you can visit "look like shit" in comparison to where they can take you. The site lets you visit Xandar, Morag and Knowhere and play a game called "I Am Groot." Check it out at the link. [Galaxy Getaways]


Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Here's a clip from the movie featuring Jessica Alba and her character's transformation. [via Coming Soon]

The Walking Dead

Photos from filming in Atlanta seem to reveal that season five will feature the reunion of Carol Pelletier and Daryl Dixon. Now, there's every chance that this isn't what it looks like, and it could be part of a flashback (unlikely, considering the apparel) or some other fake out, so warning that nothing's confirmed until we actually see it on TV. More photos at the link. [Comic]

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Peter Stormare will appear in the season premiere as Werner Zytle, the new seller of the drug Vertigo, filling the role left vacant since the death of the Count. His villain moniker will be "Vertigo." [TV Guide]



Here's a video on the character of Eddie Thawne, also known as "Detective Pretty Boy":

Once Upon a Time

It won't be Idina Menzel playing Elsa when the TV show returns. Georgina Haig (Fringe) has been cast in the role. [Buddy TV]



Tom Wisdom described how Alex and Michael's relationship will evolve over the course of the season:

Michael needs to train him some more. He also needs Alex to step up to the plate, to acknowledge the fact that he is the Chosen One. It's his destiny and his path. Michael can only help guide him. Everything really is in [Alex]'s tattoos, so it's up to him to decipher those.


He also describes Michael's path this season as "Defending Vega and helping Alex along his path. His conflict with Gabriel certainly develops and reaches a crescendo." [TV Line]

Beauty and the Beast

Now that Gabe is the bad guy and a beast again, here's how showrunner Brad Kern describes the new Gabe:

Well, he's much more formidable. When I was hired on the show, I was personally not satisfied with the season [one] finale fight between Beast Vincent and Beast Gabe. I just didn't think it was cool enough and worthy of two beasts going at it. This year, when we realize the direction we were heading, we wanted to do kind of a sequel but "times 10." With Gabe possibly even bigger and badder than Vincent, it will force Vincent to test the moral line we've established, that if beasts cross they lose their humanity forever. That's where we wanted this last episode battle to get to. We aren't just threatening the life of Vincent, we're threatening his humanity, which threatens his and Catherine's love…. It's safe to say that the battle that we're going to inevitably watch, Vincent and Gabe going up against each other , will be supercharged.


He also said that the finale has a huge turn in the relationship between Cat and her father and that there would be "plenty of obstacles for JT and Tess in the finale — and going forward for Season 3." [TV Line]


Morgan Creek's Michael Plumides says that there's "significant" interest in a Nightbreed TV show. Plumides says:

We're staying true to the source material but also modernising the concepts to appeal to this millennium's viewer. We think the fans will be very pleased. By incorporating great writing, character development, and mind-blowing practical and visual effects with a product that has achieved legendary cult status, we see a winner, especially in the absence of shows like True Blood, Fringe or even Sons of Anarchy. Barker's vision is an amalgam of science-fiction, fantasy, and horror with violent, sexual overtones laced with dark comedy, and the Nightbreed series fires on all cylinders.


He also said he's already written four scripts for the show overseen by Clive Barker. [Empire]

Person of Interest

Amanda Segel tweeted the details about the season premiere:



Here's a behind-the-scenes video:

Go here for the rest of the new character photos. [Buddy TV]

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The Last Ship

Here are two photos from episode 1.03, "Dead Reckoning." [SpoilerTV]

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The Leftovers

Here are sneak peeks from episode two, "Penguin One, Us Zero." [SpoilerTV]

The Lottery

Below's a trailer:

Go here for more promo photos of the cast and the pilot. [SpoilerTV]

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Peter Stormare will appear in the season premiere as Werner Zytle, the new seller of the drug Vertigo, filling the role left vacant since the death of the Count. His villain moniker will be "Vertigo."

I AM SO CONFLICTED. I adored Seth Gabel as Count Vertigo and was incredibly sad to see him go. As per comic book rules, since we didn't see his body (that I remember) there was always a chance he survived and we would see him again.

But Peter Stormare!!! He steals absolutely whatever scene he is in.