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Documentary trailer for Fantastic Four movie Marvel wanted to forget

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In 1994, monster movie maker Roger Corman made a $2 million adaptation of The Fantastic Four, was never released in theaters for obvious reasons. But now the documentary DOOMED! The Untold Story of Roger Corman's The Fantastic Four will show you the lunacy that is this creation, and all the bananas behind-the-scenes goings on. Watch the trailer now.


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Wait, shouldn't that be:

Trailer for the Documentary of the Fantastic Fourmovie Marvel wanted to forget

because it's not a documentary trailer, it's the trailer for a documentary...

Bah, I'm being pedantic.

I actually like this movie better than the version that did go to big screens for a lot of reasons. The Thing, for all his rubbery cheesiness, felt more like the Thing. As did Dr. Doom, who in this case was not a smarmy businessman. And they actually got the (admittedly creepy) backstory between Reed and Sue to be fairly comics-accurate.