The Sarah Jane Adventures, the Doctor Who spin-off for kids, will be back soon, actress Lis Sladen told SFX. Not only that, but it'll have twice as many half-hour episodes as last year: 24, instead of just 12. Sladen also dropped some hints about the next season of Doctor Who. Spoilers ahead!


Sladen confirmed she'll be back for the end of Who season four, along with a mad crush of other companions:

You must know how many people are in it," she says, referring to the number of special guests from the Doctor's (recent) past who, it's been confirmed, will be making reappearances [in the next season of Who] alongside Sarah Jane. "So I don't think I'll be at the centre of things. I would think it would be apportioned off, a bit here a bit there, and the major people will be the Doctor and Donna. That is my take on it. We are coming back to reinforce an already established team. So I don't think I'll be leading the group, if you know what I mean! I think there will be a distinct kind of sectioning and apportioning off. Because you can only do so much with so many people."

We can only hope season two of Sarah Jane features fewer farting aliens. Sarah Jane - The Return. Again []

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