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Doctor Who's Robot Dog Finally Hitting The Big Time

Illustration for article titled Doctor Whos Robot Dog Finally Hitting The Big Time

K-9, the robot dog from time traveling action-comedy Doctor Who, is finally getting his own TV show. Bob Baker, who created K-9 in 1977 and also co-wrote the Wallace And Gromit films, is in Australia working on 26 scripts for K-9 Adventures, which starts production next month. And as you can see from the concept image, which came out a couple years ago, K-9 is getting a makeover. And unlike in his 1982 spin-off with Sarah-Jane Smith, he won't be stuck on Earth investigating witchcraft — instead, his new show will be a "space-fantasy adventure" series, according to Jetix Europe. [PFTC via Outpost Gallifrey]


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@bookfoldbrewcineaste: It taught ABC they could have a hit spin-off series that later spun out and died, but that made them a lot of money, first.

@bluewyvern: Well, K-9 didn't almost wipe out humanity.

Given that the BBC isn't associated with it, they can't use any BBC characters like Sarah Jane or the this could just as well be another show entirely. It's supposed to be set aboard an old spaceship with a loner pilot and his young girl hologram AI. Well, at least being in Australia gives them some nice variety of exterior locations to work with, I guess.