Doctor Who's Next Title Teases Anagram Addicts?

The title of the next Doctor Who special has been revealed, and as interesting as it may be, it gets even moreso when you mix up the letters. Spoilers, kind of, ahead.

At the end of tonight's UK premiere of "Planet of The Dead" (Charlie'll be reviewing it tomorrow, for those of you who want to hear our take on it), the title of the next special - and David Tennant's second-last episode - was confirmed to be the rumored "The Waters Of Mars". But don't take that at face value, and assume that we're going to just going to get a story about the red planet. We know that showrunner Russell T. Davies likes his anagrams (Torchwood, anyone?), and "The Waters Of Mars" just happens to be an anagram of "War Of The Masters," a title that seems to suggest that those rumors about John Simm's evil time lord returning may have something to them after all...


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