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With Steven Moffat stepping into the showrunner's chair for the next season of Doctor Who, you might be expecting a slight shift in direction. But were you expecting that shift to be towards Twilight and Harry Potter?


According to executive producer Piers Wenger, those two YA books were just two of the influences for the show's fifth season:

One of the qualities in Steven's writing, and one of Steven's natural tendencies as a writer, is to write these strange, dark, glittering fairy tales. We wanted to give the look of the series a slightly more storybook, fairy-tale feel - within reason... It wasn't about suddenly becoming Tim Burton, but it was finding a pinch of that, a pinch of Twilight, a pinch of Harry Potter - but it's still absolutely, slap-bang, mainstream Doctor Who.


We look forward to seeing sparkly vampires and troubled teenagers when the show returns next month.

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