Doctor Who's most wanted lost episode finally comes back to life

Who-ligans know that the First Doctor's final serial, "The Tenth Planet," is missing its fourth and final installment, one of those Doctor Who episodes lost in the midsts of time (or BBC's vaults). Which is probably why it's one of the first episodes that;s been fully reanimated by Planet 55 Studios — of which you can see a preview here.


The clip is of the Doctor's first regeneration, from William Hartnell to Patrick Troughton; a very short snippet of this scene is all that survives of the original live-action broadcast, and you can compare the animated version to the original here. The episode will be available on DVD later this year.

[Via Doctor Who TV]

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Well, if we're going by official DWM poll results, Evil of the Daleks (or possibly Web of Fear) is the most wanted Doctor Who story, though I suppose if it came down to a choice of which one of the 27 currently missing Doctor Who serials fans would most like to see returned to the BBC archives, Episode 4 of The Tenth Planet would be the logical choice, based on both completeness and "historical" value.