Doctor Who's Latest Race To The End

Fans may be used to Doctor Who's last-minute saves, but the makers of the latest special are probably hoping for one of their own; the episode is still unfinished a week before broadcast.

Although Who chief Russell T. Davies has guaranteed that Planet Of The Dead will be broadcast on its promised April 11th date, this week's press preview for the special was canceled because the episode wasn't ready to be shown just yet, according to one UK journalist's Twitter. While this wouldn't be the first time that a Who episode has run late in production - and with the problems this episode has had, it's not surprising that it's running late - it's unsurprising that the canceled press debut of the episode has many people worried that whatever will be shown a week today may end up a rushed, incomplete version of what was intended. Maybe we can have a Planet of The Dead Director's Cut version on DVD later?


Will "Planet of the Dead" Be Finished In Time? [Den of Geek]

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